For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I've seen a number of posts complaining about the lack of replacement sight blades for the PT-99. Meprolight USA are a Middletown, Pennsylvania company specializing in production of gun sights of various types, red dot sights, electro-optical red dot sights, day/night self-illuminated reflex sights, thermal weapon sights, and many more. I mean, which side will I have to remove the old one, and put the new one in through? Not Yet Rated Sold Out. USA only. If ya don't know where I've been and ya don't know where I'm going, your opinions of me don't count. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. GUARANTEED. [#6] PT 92 also has ambidextrous safety. I can order the take down latch from . My reading lead me to conclude that it's basically a replaceable part, like car tires. Shop our vast selection and save! I will give that a go. Adjust the rear sight as needed using a punch and hammer until the rounds are hitting the point of aim. 46 Items. WE OFFER A WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES INCLUDING MATENINANCE ALL THE WAY UP TO ADDING CUSTOM FEATURES AND REFINISHING YOUR PISTOL. You can then better align your dominant eye with the sights. This was put in layman terms, but if you want a more precise guide on how to install a particular night sight on your gun, there are many video guides out there. Night vision is an important feature for many gun owners, especially those who often find themselves in tactical situations. On the Taurus sight blade, the flag is attached to the edge of the screw barrel. Call Taurus. Cannot be shipped to NYC. Check back this week end. Most tritium night sights work as glowing green dots at night. Fusion Firearms has one of the largest sighting systems catalogs in the firearms sight industry. A forum community dedicated to Taurus firearm owners and enthusiasts. Here is the picture of a PT99 slide with the rear sight removed. TruGlo is a brand name that probably every single gun owner has already heard of. Materials and options vary, one of the common materials which sights are made of are Tritium sights.They, as well as other, have their pros and cons. Taurus PT-92 Parts at Brownells Brownells is your source for Taurus PT-92 Parts at Brownells. . Ameriglo Night Sight Set Taurus G2c/TX22 $79.99. Novak Taurus 1911 Adjustable Rear Sights **Direct Replacement Sights - Some Minor Fitting May Be Required** . For more information, go to - Taurus G3 Steel Sights. Description: Here is what Taurus says about this latest configuration of the now-classic PT-99; no brag, just fact: The adjustable sight PT99 9mm pistol is based on the most extensively tested, duty proven, and widely used double action autoloading design in history. Brand), Magazine, 9mm, 20 Round, Stainless, New (U.S.A. In general, the biggest advantages of night sights are considered the following: No matter how you rank these benefits importance-wise, but its obvious that if you are looking for better visibility at night or simply in darker environments, night sights are a great and fairly affordable option for you. If the truth about your conduct paints you in a bad light. Free shipping for many products! Retired Firefighter, Advanced Georgia Master Gardener, Hazardous Material Response Member, Certified Hazardous Material Incident Commander, 1911 Addict and General Gun Lover. The sight set is made of steel construction, Not plastic. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. Ed Brown Replacement Fiber Rod Red 3 Pack Ed Brown Replacement Fiber Rod Red 3 Pack. Lets say that your firearm weighs 2 pounds and the trigger finger force is 12 pounds for the first shot and 5 pounds for subsequent shots. Search. Once you get the rear sight situated you set the tip of the punch near the edge of the dovetail and center of the sight and make a slight dimple to snug things up without making them too permanent. FULLY BACKED BY FUSION WITH A LIMITED LIFETIME WARRENTY! Wilson Combat 1911 Lo-Mount Adjustable Sight Blade, Tritium. Brownells Featured Dealers have agreed to perform FFL transfers on guns purchased online from Brownells. Hey Jeeper1, your observations make sense. The Fusion Goblin model is lever-action shotgun equipped with fully adjustable slug sights and rugged construction to make it an excellent brush gun for Deer, Boar or Bear hunts. The adjustable rear sight is gone just past the screw used to adjust elevation. Is there a replacement sight that would make the PT99 a fixed sight? Taurus PT 99 Sight Alignment & Accuracy Tips Aiming your Taurus PT 99 correctly is a thing you have to master in order to perform better. Lets have a quick look at what youll go through if you have a go at mounting a night sight set for your gun. Including the world renowned sight company LPA SIGHTS. For over 75 years, shooters, professional gunsmiths, hobbyists, military/law enforcement armorers, hunters, and gun tinkerers have turned to Brownells for high-quality guns, gun parts, ammunition, and more. Click for Details. Cecil County, the last remaining sensible spot in,,***20766***&brandId=2259, York Gun and Knife Show Dates No modification to the handgun is necessary. 4.4. Cheap is good, but only when it's actually 'good.' Nice work i have te same sights on my gun works great. Cannot find one anywhere. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. It also means that the TOP of the Front Sight is LEVEL horizontally with the TOP of the Rear Sight. CB. Final cost and estimated delivery date can be seen in your cart. Limbsaver CrossTech Leather Gun Holster Ambidextrous IWB/OWB Most Full Size/Comp Limbsaver CrossTech Leather Gun Holster Ambidextro ProMag Taurus PT-92 9mm Magazine 20 Rounds Blued Steel TAUA2. Your standard chargeable (by light) night signts. Subscribe to our newsletter today to receive updates on the latest news, upcoming events, useful tips and new products releases. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for New Vintage Pachmayr White outline Rear Adjustable Sight for Taurus PT92 W/tool at the best online prices at eBay! But if it moves away from your view to the right, you are right-eye dominant; To further validate your eye dominance, repeat steps 1 and 2 above, then with both eyes open bring your triangle straight back to your face; you will naturally bring it back to your dominant eye without thinking. You need to disassemble your glock first, but be safe about it, please. FROM $75 Neuschwanstein Castle Day Tour from Munich. Thanks in Advance! ProMag Taurus PT-92 9mm Magazine 20 Rounds Blued S LimbSaver CrossTech Compact Holster Clip On Polymer Black. Hi Bill - My beloved PT99 decided to shear it's rear sight off, too just a bit ago. Sight Picture is the placement of the properly Aligned Sights on the Target. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Its application is fairly easier than the rear sight part. Never had a misfire, FTF, FTE or anything else no matter what I feed her and if shes clean or not. They break easy and Tuaus doesn't seem to have any available. The other part of the set, the suppressor sight, is attached to the front of the slide. Press the trigger and dont pull it. Maybe if I can get that to work I might be able to get rid of it possibly to someone who will appreciate the product. All heat-treatments have been completed and it is ready to make for an enjoyable 1911 build for the beginner and advanced builder alike. Brand), Magazine, 9mm, 30 Round, Stainless, New (w/ Plastic Floorplate; U.S.A. Taurus Pistols Spare Parts. The 7th round I put through and it locked up.". 1 was an early Taurus PT99 that had been modified. Youll definitely need a table vise. I am looking for a rear adjustable sight for a Taurus PT-99AF. Read our. That should help ease the detent bumps over each other. Guns which are sighted in for a Combat Hold mostly require the shooter to place the Front Sight where it covers the exact center of the target (Center-Mass Hold), while guns sighted in for a Target Hold usually get their accuracy when the Front Sight is aligned at the center of the bottom of the bullseye (Six-OClock Hold.) Aug 21, 2012. Retired Firefighter, Advanced Georgia Master Gardener, Hazardous Material Response Member, Certified Hazardous Material Incident Commander, 1911 Addict and General Gun Lover. Quick view Add to Cart. Also, how hard is it to cock the hammer manually with this sight installed? The gun is about 30 yrs old and they are not required to stock parts over 10 yrs. QFT, I'm less than religious about cleaning my guns (except corrosive ones). Combat / Carry Adjustable Rear Sight. Once you get hold of them, there will be a couple of other tools you will need. Well, I never really cared for them and when I picked it up today I noticed my rear sight had shifted and now it moves freely side to side at the touch of a finger independent of the adjustment screw. If you have a problem pushing this part into the slide, you might need to file it down with sanding material. Mec-Gar Taurus PT92/99 Magazine 9mm Luger 10 Round BLACKHAWK! If it was broken when I bought it then I don't think that it would have waited for 500 rounds to go through it. This is our Kensight Colt Style Rear Sight which is fully adjustable for both windage and elevation, and is a faithful modern-day recreation of the original sight used on Colt revolvers for many years. I think I got Dino's 92, most reliable semi-auto pistol I have. !! The vision added by these sights is emitted from an intrinsic energy source fueled by tritium gas, which is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. They don't realize that the latter means equal opportunity at the beginning and the first means a guaranteed equal outcome. How to Build An AR-15: Your AR Build Made Easy, California Residents: Do Not Share My Personal Information. Trijicon, a company currently residing in Wixom, Michigan, has been focusing on development of superior any-light aiming systems since its founding in 1981. I just checked mine and it looks like you loosen the screw on the side you want to move the sight to then tighten the other side to hold it where you want it. JavaScript is disabled. A Micro-Compact 9mm with Class Leading Capacity, The most advanced 22 LR pistol on the market, A Hammer-Fired line of compact and full-size performance pistols, An unrivaled, performance leading icon in 45 ACP & 9mm, An innovative full-sized 9mm with an ultra-reliable design. This sight uses the original Taurus stock front sight and sits low profile when mounted. From barrel assemblies to replacement parts we have it all! Model: Taurus G2s. Fusion Firearms 2022, All rights reserved. Choose from various modifications for your Taurus PT 99, including holsters, parts, sights, magazines, grips, lasers, lights and cleaning utilities. If you are not good with hand tools or do not understand how to properly fit a sight, YOU should consult a gunsmith. THE BEST 1911 LINE UP IN THE INDUSTRY! My girlfriend's grandfather just passed away and she and her father both inherited handguns from him. If you want these guns I will sell you these POS's for what I paid for them so I can use my money to buy a real gun. Step 1: Remove all ammunition from your gun. (not mine) Best Regards, Oleg. Taurus Armas S.A. manufactures a wide variety of consumer and industrial products that are distributed worldwide. Most Taurus pistols are equipped with plastic sights that are not ideal for EDC or a home defense gun. Choose Your Sight - Many Gun Fits & Coloration Choices! If you are already comfortable with the quality of this rear sight, you just have to look out for the front piece. With LPA SIGHTS and These TANDEMKROSS sights are made of aerospace aluminum to stay both durable and light. If you feel like you're going to force something, get some thin oil in there first, then try to turn it counter clockwise while putting pushing the screw down and letting off. Utilizes .090" diameter interchangeable LitePipes in green, red, and white. Step 2: Move the ammunition away from your practice area. Dont be afraid if youve never worked the tool, a session or two will give you the basic understanding of it. We have their necessary FFL information on file and your FFL order will ship directly to them once processed. pretty bad when the mfr. FROM $49 Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tour from Munich by Train. . Pros Visible in most daylight conditions The problem is, when she shoots, her bullets are about 3 inches low at 15 yards. So I bought a set of Hogue Grips to dress it up, and every so often I'd take it to the range. Rear Iron Sight Dissasembly (Revolver/Adjustable Blade Style) TAURUS SMITH&WESSON RUGER - YouTube 0:00 / 2:16 Rear Iron Sight Dissasembly (Revolver/Adjustable Blade Style) TAURUS. Not Yet Rated In Stock. Barrel PT1911 sts. All Rights Reserved. No matter how the sights are configured, the front sight is designed to be placed on the same vertical axis as the rear sight. Read and understand the instructions before you begin. Welcome from northern Illinois and thanks for such a thorough and helpful post! I've shot it a few times - it shoots low and the the left. What sets them apart from the competition is the fact that they dont only focus on accessories for handguns and rifles, but they also produce various applications for bows and crossbows among their offer. Enable Accessibility 800-741-0015 Live Chat Live Chat Facebook Instagram Help Create an Account Login Create an Account Cart (0) View Cart Checkout BrownellsBrownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage Menu Products Look on the bright side.if you can't find a replacement sight, you can always use the 99 to practice your 'point and shoot' tactics. AmeriGlo Firearm Sights, a company based in Roswell, Georgia, focuses on production of high quality tritium, painted dot, fiber dot, and custom OEM iron sights that are meant mainly for wearers of modern handguns. They wont weigh your gun down by much and they will grant you better target acquisition and overall gun confidence in situations that are not that bright. You must choose the correct sight for your pistol model to ensure proper fit. That rear sight looks like the Billenium adjustable sight. Category suggestion. I'm looking for a source of Taurus PT99 parts.